What is Biometric Screening?

What exactly is biometric testing?

Biometric testing is a part of corporate Wellness programs wherein employees measure their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglycerides, blood glucose, and any other measurement that corporations and their employees choose to measure.

Participating in biometric testing with your company can be fun and easy. Due to HIPAA regulations, employers cannot take blood measurements without having an independent firm such as a Wellness company or health screening organization perform the testing.

What are the benefits of doing biometric testing, and why do companies want this service conducted for their employees?

There are many reasons to do biometric testing such as health promotion, health awareness, and health education, however, the primary factor motivating organizations to have this service performed is economics. Health screenings have been shown to reduce overall medical expenditure by identifying risk factors and employees that need added health coaching services.

With a goal of early risk detection and intervention, biometric screening services help evaluate health and are geared toward encouraging healthy lifestyles. All clinical components are performed by highly trained health professionals, following stringent protocols that are aligned with national guidelines

Is biometric testing worth it?

Yes! Biometric testing is absolutely worth it. Some employees do prefer to have finger stick instead of vein puncture because many people feel like it hurts less, but if serviced by a competent Wellness team, this service can easily become the best part of the program year for company Wellness programs.

Onsite Health Screening and Biometric Testings aren’t just a “feel-good” measure for employees. Assessments of worker health help workers to prioritize their well-being, which results in happier, more productive employees.

Are there any special considerations for biometric testing?

Yes, there are. Because biometric testing can take up to anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes per person to perform, one of the major distinguishing factors between biometric testing service providers is testing speed. For this reason, it can take up to 2 or even 3 months to plan and prepare the scheduling for biometric testing if there are multiple locations and special considerations.

Onsite Employee Health Screening and Biometric Testing, when handled on-site by our experienced professionals, is hassle-free and smoothly organized. The biometric data we collect then can be stored digitally for years or even decades, helping you and your workers build better health risk assessment baselines that you can use to analyze workers physical fitness and the efficacy of your corporation’s Health and Productivity Programs. Collected biometric data can even allow an worker’s doctor to assess that person’s health over many years, helping him or her spot trends and diagnose disease.